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Thelwall History

There are many competing histories of the Thelwall name – some tie the family history to the village of Thelwall in Grappenhall, South-East Warrington.  Others tie the family history to Wales, others to an English family who maintained a border with Scotland (with occasional skirmishes with northern neighbours). 

Some have traced the family name back to the early 10th Century although it’s been difficult to tie all information together comprehensively.  The spelling of the family name may have varied from parish to parish, it is believed that some variance may mean that there are legitimate ties to Thelwell, Threlfall, Thewliss and other similar names.

I welcome any information that can help us tie the family tree together, the comparative rarity of the name probably makes this easier than some more common names;  in the meantime some resources that may offer more information:

Thelwall – Smallest City in England

A history of the Village of Thelwall