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I offer more than 25 years of commercial I.T. experience with a number of technologies and disciplines.  My background has given me a range of specialist and generalist skills, a mixture which has proven essential when adaptability, responsiveness and an end-to-end approach has been necessary particularly in fast changing and chaotic environments.  

ERP Systems

SAP-LogoSince 1997 my main professional focus has been the support and implementation of a number of SAP landscapes, some of which were the largest of their kind in Australia. My main focus has been the administration of SAP applications security and I have branched out to a range of SAP systems administration, interfacing and operations management dealing with a very wide range of people from the most inexperienced end-user to some of the most senior experts in the industry, major suppliers and the executive personnel.

For the last nine years I have supported one of the largest SAP bureau environments in Australia which concurrently managed a wide array of SAP systems and landscapes including productive ECC 5, 4.6c, 4.6b, 4.0b and even 3.1i environments. With limited resources we successfully managed over 280 SAP clients hosted on 170 instances in 39 landscapes;  hosting nearly 200,000 users accounts, each environment maintained its own distinct conventions and standards which had to be maintained intact.

lock 1SAP Security administration, design and implementation   workflowSAP Basis management (high level) and coordination   computersSAP systems interfacing, transfers and connectivity
computer networkSAP connectivity / GUI support across diverse network environments   user searchSecurity audit review and audit compliance   toolsAuxiliary tool development for SAP data analysis and offline review
fireIncident Management (technical coordination) for major and minor system events    remote desktopRelease cutover and control support (security, transports, technical support)   Btravel directionsroad-range technical support, auditing and coordination

Broader Environment Experience

Additionally I maintian a wider array of environments for implementation, development and support including:

windows-64 Major OS releases for windows and various server releases smoothwall-64 Smothwall Express firewall appliance systems  office-64 MS Office suite (advanced support, apps dev, interfacing, etc.) vmware-64 Vmware ESXi 3.5-5.1, VirtualBox and a range of other virtualisation technologies


My work has also included:

  • Information policy and ethics
  • Technical writing and documentation
  • Solution design including small-scale solution delivery
  • Security enforcement and incursion recovery
  • Vendor relationship management
  • Solution/product assessment and evaluation
  • IT Procurement management
  • SOE development and co-implementation
  • Executive Support
  • Executive briefings and technical advice
  • Long-standing member a significant IT Change Advisory and Review
  • Techncial management of high impact IT changes and updates


For further details and availability please feel free to contact me directly.